Fonto Review Backend endpoints

This page describes the endpoints that are exposed from the Fonto Review backend and can be called either directly, or through the proxy endpoint.

POST /api/export/{configurationId}

Retrieves an export of annotations for the given documents using the export configuration specified by the {configurationId}. Requires an exports.xml configuration.


configurationId (Required)

The identifier of the export that needs to be used. This must match to an export configuration as defined in the exports.xml file. See the Annotation Export API section on the Configuration page for more information on the exports.xml file.

Parameter type route


body (Required)

The body of the request.

Parameter type


Content type application/json
documentIds required string[]

The identifiers of the documents for which an export needs to be created.


The correlation identifier can be used to correlate the request to the request made and will only be present if appended to the request.

Parameter type header
Type string


Status Reason and model

Responses depend on which export is called. However, the response will always be returned with a Content-Disposition header that defines it's an attachment. This way, any frontend can directly serve a download if needed. The Content-Type header is always set to the type of file the export returns.

The export result will be in the response body directly.

404 The export with the specified configurationId does not exist.
500 Any error in the 500 range indicates a problem with the CMS.
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