Fonto Editor

The client-side UI configuration of Fonto Review is described in the README file of Fonto's reference configuration repository.

Alongside the UI configuration, there are a few other options, which are listed below.

Review state polling interval

The interval used by the background polling mechanism, which defaults to 7 seconds, can be changed. The default interval is based on achieving a decent user experience, avoiding users making changes which they will eventually lose. The interval can be changed using the remote-review-state-update-interval-ms configuration variable.

Server side filtering

Fonto Review requires a server-side filter component in the CMS it connects to. The review/state call sends a request with the current active filter form values. The CMS is expected to filter out annotations that do not match the filter.

Fonto's development CMS does not provide any of this filter logic by default (it will always return all annotations), since it is very specific to a data model. A filter for the development CMS can be specified the configureDevCms.js file in the dev-cms directory of Fonto Editor.

The following is an example configureDevCms.js file:

'use strict';
const matchAnnotationToCurrentFilter = require('../<PATH TO YOUR FILTER FUNCTION>');
module.exports = (router, config) => {
    return {
        reviewAnnotationFilter: matchAnnotationToCurrentFilter
        // This key might be defined if the development CMS routes have been customized.
        // routes: myCustomRoutes

Fonto Review backend

Host configuration options

In addition to the generic host configuration options, the Fonto Review backend provides the following configuration options:

Option Default Required Description
(None) Yes

The absolute base URL of the CMS endpoint including a trailing slash. This endpoint must be accessible by the backend.

These options can be configured using any of the supported configuration providers. Information about configuration conventions might prove useful. When running the Fonto Review backend using the Fonto Development Tools, configuring the options as environment variables in an .env file is supported.

Command line parameters

The Fonto Review backend supports the following command line parameters:








Run the backend as Windows Service. Only available for self-contained builds on Windows.


Logging options can be provided using any of the supported configuration providers. Please refer to the logging configuration page for available options. In addition, the Fonto Review backend supports an optional NLog configuration file. Information about how to configure NLog can be found in its official documentation.