Type: Operation

Vertically insert a node.

Inserts the given structure as close to the selection as possible. The structure is inserted under the closest ancestor node that will allow it. The operation will split ancestor elements as necessary, if allowed by their configured family, but will always prefer to exit an element if no content needs to be skipped to do so.


If the selection is not empty, vertical-insert will insert the structure at the start (or end) of the selection, leaving contents intact. Usually, users will expect the selected content to be replaced. Therefore we recommend to use vertical-replace in most cases, unless there is a specific reason not to remove the selected content.

Imported operation data

  1. childNodeStructure


    A stencil describing the structure to be inserted.

  2. insertAtEnd=false


    Type: Boolean

    True to insert the structure at the end of the current selection. Defaults to inserting at the start.

  3. model


    Type: Object

    (Optional) model to be bound to the stencil after insertion

  4. overrideRange


    The range to operate on instead of the selectionRange

  5. ultimateParentNodeId


    Type: NodeId

    The highest ancestor of the insertion position under which the insertion can take place. By default, all ancestors of the insertion position are considered.