Upgrade Instructions

When a new version of Fonto Editor is released, there are a few steps that you need to execute in order to upgrade.

  1. Install or update the Fonto Development Tools and its requirements, and make sure you have a valid license file, that has access to Fonto Editor, on your system.

    You can validate the installation of the tools and the products in your license by running fdt license validate.

  2. Open a terminal in the root folder of your Fonto Editor.

  3. Check which versions are released and are currently available by running fdt editor versions.

  4. Upgrade by running fdt editor upgrade --version <version> where <version> is the version to upgrade to.

  5. A prompt will be displayed asking you to Upgrade the Fonto Editor instance.... Once the prompt is shown, press enter.

  6. Refer to the upgrade instructions for the versions between your previous version and the new version you are upgrading to for details on configuration changes. Also check for deprecated APIs, since they will be scheduled for removal later.

  7. Update any localization message bundles you may have by using the new messages-template.json file and the localization tools.

  8. You can remove the backup folder that was created during the upgrade process after following all previous steps and confirming the upgrade was finished successfully.

Optionally a release may require you to recompile the schema. Please refer to our guide on compiling a schema for steps on how to do this.