Upgrade from 7.15 to 7.16

Mandatory changes

Update FDT

Please update your copy of FDT. If you have it globally installed, you can run the following command from anywhere:


npm install -g @fontoxml/fontoxml-development-tools

Removed deprecated APIs

A number of APIs previously announced to be deprecated have now been removed. These are listed on the Upcoming removals 7.16 page.

The Fonto Content Quality RemoveIntersectingAnnotations filter

The RemoveIntersectingAnnotations filter is no longer labeled as experimental. It is now an official public API. Make sure to remove the experimental namespace from its respective configuration element and its option attributes.

The Fonto Content Quality LanguageTool add-on

The fontoxml-content-quality-languagetool add-on is removed. All features this add-on offered have been moved to the fontoxml-content-quality add-on.

The add-on fontoxml-content-quality-languagetool can safely be removed from the files manifest.json & config/fonto-manifest.json.

Table widget configuration

The row widgets must be configured by using configureAs*TableElements functions or configureProperties with a table defining node selector. If you have a row widget configured by using configureProperties and a row node selector, please change the selector to a table defining node selector. Please check the Table widgets guide for the examples and further information.

Recommended changes

Newly deprecated APIs

A number of APIs will be removed in the 7.18 release. They are listed on the Upcoming removals 7.18 page.

Check all-remote-document-ids-are-absolute configuration

In preparation of the deprecation of the all-remote-document-ids-are-absolute configuration value, we've changed its default to true to prevent unnecessary CMS requests in most configurations. Please refer to the Upcoming removals 7.18 page for more details and check whether this change impacts your application.

Fonto Review content view configuration

Starting from Fonto Review 7.16, we will no longer hide any widgets in the content view. This allows you to tweak the content view to your specific needs. It also allows the expand table operation to be configured in Fonto Review. Please follow the guide on how to configure the Review content view.

Upgrade your schema

The schema compiler has been upgraded to perform optimizations which reduce the size of compiled DITA schemas. Please upgrade your schema using the Fonto Development Tools.