Upgrade from 7.11 to 7.12

For the full release notes, head over to Fonto 7.12.0.

A number of APIs will be removed in the 7.14 release. They are listed on the .Upgrade from 7.13 to 7.14 v7.12.0 page.

Required changes

Recompile your schema

Fonto Editor 7.12.0 requires you to recompile your schema. This can be done following our guide on compiling a schema.

Check configurations if you have configured allowMergingWith for inline formatting families

Previously, the allowMergingWithAncestor option was not set automatically when configuring an element as inline formatting. This is now done and defaulted to the value of the allowMergingWith option.

If you have never configured this CVK option, this change does not impact you. If you did, please consider whether the merging of the elements should also happen for ancestors (allowMergingWithAncestor) instead of only adjacent elements (allowMergingWith). If it should not happen, then configure the allowMergingWithAncestor CVK option to limit the merging functionality.

WIRIS MathType configuration

This release introduces new configuration variables for the WIRIS MathType editor. This replaces the private wirisEditorScriptUrl scope variable. If you were using this, please migrate to the new wiris-mathtype-script-url configuration variable.

If you were using the wiris-initialization-parameters variable, please migrate that to wiris-mathtype-initialization-parameters.

Sidebar tab operations

The operations open-ui-pane and toggle-ui-pane are deprecated in favor of the open-sidebar-tab and toggle-sidebar-tab operations. The ui-pane terminology is a remnant of the 6.x versions of Fonto, which is why we renamed them to the new terminology.

Note that also the paneId parameter is renamed to tabId.

Recommended changes

Cell element menu widget

A new element menu on the cell, which will automatically show up if there are any contextual operations on the cell. If you have specific actions for the cell we recommend to use this new cell widget, you can add them to the contextual operations of the cell like this:


configureProperties(sxModule, 'self::cell', {
    contextualOperations: [
        { name: 'contextual-set-total-cell', hideIn: ['context-menu'] }

You can hide the operations from the 'context-menu' so they don't end up in the "more" sub menu of the context menu (right-click menu).

If you already have contextual operations on the cell, and don't want this new element menu, then simply hide the operations from the element-menu with `hideIn: ['element-menu']`.

A performance improvement in XHTML tables

This upgrade instruction is for those who forked the fontoxml-table-flow-xhtml package. We changed the findCellNodesXPathQuery to improve the performance. It is not a breaking change but if you want to improve the performance of some operations for your XHTML table, you can rebase your forked implementation on top of the latest commit of the fontoxml-table-flow-xhtml package.