Upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2

The 6.2.0 platform release contains several new features that require some care when upgrading your instance. The sections below describe the steps to follow to integrate these features.

Find & Replace

Release 6.2.0 contains a new find & replace experience, accessible through a new dropdown intended to be integrated on the right side of the toolbar.

  1. Upgrade your instance to the new platform files as usual.

  2. Open the instance's config/toolbar-template.jade file.

  3. Add the following snippet, as a child of ui-tabset, afterui-quick-access-buttons and before the first ui-tab:



Running the instance should now show the “Find” dropdown button on the right of the toolbar. Clicking the button (or pressing Ctrl+F / Cmd+F) opens the Find & Replace UI.

Review (comments & change tracking)

Visualizations for commenting and change tracking have been revamped in release 6.2.0. The new workflow review sidebar pane now displays an overview of all comments and changes in the loaded documents and allows for easy navigation and manipulation. Due to these changes, the operations available for controlling change tracking have changed. This requires some changes to the toolbar and sidebar configuration for your instance.

  1. Upgrade your instance to the new platform files as usual. Make sure to select the new “Changes & comments review sidebar” add-on.

  2. Open the instance’s config/fonto-manifest.json (orconfig/bower.json) and add the fontoxml-review-workflow add-on:


    	"dependencies": {
    		"fontoxml-review-workflow": "platform/fontoxml-review-workflow"
  3. Open config/schemaExperienceResolver.js and add the fontoxml-review-workflow add-on in the ADDONS array.

  4. Open config/toolbar-template.jade file and remove any references to the previous releases' set of operations controlling commenting and change tracking.

    The popovers previously used to show details for comments and changes have been removed and operations to manipulate these have been moved into the new “workflow review” sidebar. Because of these changes and the integration of comments and changes in the same overview, the old operations for navigating between changes no longer work.

    The markings in the content now automatically appear and disappear when the sidebar is opened and closed. The operations to control visibility separately are deprecated. While these operations still work, we recommend not using them as this could easily cause confusion.

  5. Add new buttons for change tracking and commenting. The new recommended toolbar tab for controlling these features is included below:


    		ui-button(label="Check spelling")
    		//- It is now possible to start / stop change tracking //- This can be omitted if not applicable
    		//- All other actions can be performed from the workflow review sidebar
    			ui-tooltip-content="Review changes and comments")
    				fonto-operation( name="toggle-ui-pane" initial-data="{ \ panesId: 'sidebar', \ paneId: 'review' \ }")
  6. Open config/configuration.js and add the workflow review sidebar pane in the panes-configuration-sidebarconfiguration value:


    	id: 'review',
    	icon: 'check-square-o',
    	label: 'Review',
    	tooltipContent: 'Review changes and comments',
    	templateUrl: 'fontoxml-review-workflow/workflow-review-panel-pane.html'

The screenshot below illustrates the new review experience. The workflow review sidebar provides an overview of all comments and changes in the loaded documents. Selecting one of these cards highlights and scrolls to the corresponding marking in the document. Similarly, clicking a marking highlights the corresponding card in the sidebar.


Release 6.2.0 introduces a new manifest format for the packages that make up an instance of FontoXML. While the bower.json format used in previous releases is still supported, it is considered deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Upgrading to the new format has the advantage that the bower tool can be used to manage non-platform packages shared between multiple instances.

  1. Delete the bower.json file in the root directory of the instance.

    This file is no longer used by the platform or build tools and can be deleted or repurposed to manage non-platform dependencies.

  2. Rename bower.json to fonto-manifest.json in the configdirectory, as well as in any packages under the packagesdirectory.

  3. Remove obsolete properties from the manifests.

    The new fonto-manifest.json format only uses the dependencies and devDependencies properties of the manifest. Any other properties can be removed.

    As a convention, dependencies referencing the platform continue to use the “platform/” prefix in their value, followed by the name of the platform or add-on. Dependencies referencing packages in the packagesdirectory use the “packages/” prefix instead.

Sidebar panes

Release 6.2.0 provides some new options for customizing your instance's sidebar panes to seamlessly integrate them in the FontoXML user interface. These changes may affect the appearance of custom sidebar panes. Please refer to Setting up the template for a pane for instructions on how to apply the various elements that can be used.