Type: Object<String, any>

The operations pipeline passes a state object through a number of operation steps. Steps may either mutate this object directly (such as transforms), or use a template in their data property to add properties.

In step data templates, double curly braces can be used to refer to the value of existing properties. Within these curly braces, either use direct property names, or use dotted paths to refer to subproperties. For example, given the following incoming step data:


  "movingNodes": [
		{ "nodeId": 123 }

and given the following template (in the step's data property):


"data": {
  "contextNodeId": "{{movingNodes.0.nodeId}}",
  "content": "Test"

the step with this template will receive a contextNodeId property set to 123 and a content property set to "Test", in addition to any other properties passed through the operation pipeline.



The state of the operation. Not always present.