Type: XPathQuery

Sets a status for the node.

An XPath query that determines which status component should be shown for a node by referencing the 'id' of the registered status. This status component is primarily visualized in the outline view.

See registerNodeStatus for a detailed example on how to use these APIs together.

Note: when writing any XPath query, take the performance of your query into consideration. There are (usually) multiple ways of expressing the same thing, but with significant differences in (runtime query execution) performance.

For example: configureProperties('self::topic[title="review"]', { statusQuery: '"review"' }) versus configureProperties('self::topic', { statusQuery: 'if (title eq "review") then "review" else ()})

The former is much slower than the latter. For more details about these performance concerns, check out this blog post written by our XPath (engine) developer:

This query can also return multiple strings. For example:


configureProperties('self::topic', {
    statusQuery: '(if (title eq "review") then "review" else (), "status-that-is-always-there")'

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