Type: Object

The configuration for the spell checker add-on.




Type: Boolean

Whether the spell checker is enabled on start-up. Be careful enabling this with large documents, as spell checking may negatively impact application start-up performance.


Type: String

The name of the language attribute used throughout the schema. This name will be used to determine the language set for a specific node.


Type: String

Must be an IETF language tag value, specifying the default language to use for spell checking.


Type: Boolean

Whether the spell checker add-on should connect to Fonto’s publicly available backend. It is highly recommended to self host the Fonto Spell Checker backend, since (parts of) documents will otherwise be sent over the public internet. To do so, set this property to ‘false’ and use the Fonto Development Tools to obtain the Fonto Spell Checker backend. All network requests to a self-hosted Fonto Spell Checker backend will be sent through the '/proxy/spell-checker/' endpoint.