Type: Operation

Scrolls the content view to ensure the specified node is visible.

If the node is already fully visible in the viewport, the alignTo option will be ignored and no scrolling will take place. Also note that modifying the selection always scrolls the cursor into view.

Imported operation data

  1. contextNodeId


    Type: NodeId

    The node ID of the node to scroll into view.

  2. hierarchyNodeId


    The hierarchy node ID under which the node to be scrolled into view is rendered. This can be used to disambiguate cases where the hierarchy contains multiple references to the same document. If omitted, Fonto will use the sheet frame that most recently contained the cursor.

  3. alignTo


    Type: String

    determines how the contextNode is positioned relative to the viewport. Possible values are:

    • top: (Default) The top of the node is scrolled to the top of the viewport.

    • center: The vertical center of the node is scrolled to the middle of the viewport.

    • bottom: The bottom of the node is scrolled to the bottom of the viewport.

  4. viewName


    Type: ViewName

    The view name to scroll into view.