Type: Object

Preferably use the specific targeted annotation registration APIs. Find them at registerTextRangeReviewAnnotationType,registerPublicationReviewAnnotationType and registerObjectReviewAnnotationType.

Static properties


A component (definition) that will be rendered inside a FDS~Card for every annotation visible, depending on the current filter. It is used on both the editor sidebar and the /review route.


Type: String

The icon of this review annotation type. E.g. 'pencil-square-o'.


Type: String

The human readable name of this type of annotation. The icon and label are used in the context menu shown when highlighting something in the content-view on the /review route, and in the InsertReviewAnnotationDropButton component.


Type: Number

This determines the order of context menu and insert comment drop menu items. A higher priority means it is displayed first (on the left or on top).