Type: React component

How to get ReviewAnnotationAcceptProposalButton?


import ReviewAnnotationAcceptProposalButton from 'fontoxml-feedback/src/ReviewAnnotationAcceptProposalButton.jsx'

Use this component for an implementation of a button that accepts change proposals. It uses the proposalState and the onProposalMerge properties that are passed into your CardContentComponent.

MUST READ: this component is only intended to be used on the /editor route in the regular sidebar (not the sharing sidebar). It will not work when used on the /review route. It must only be used when the annotation is selected. Read the linked code from the reference configuration carefully.


  1. onProposalMerge


    Type: Function

    The onProposalMerge callback function that is passed into your CardContentComponent.

  2. proposalState


    Type: String

    The proposalState property that is passed into your CardContentComponent as property on the reviewAnnotation prop.