Type: Transform step

Ask the server to resolve the reference associated with a given permanent identifier.

Interpreting a reference in an XML document may depend on the context document. This makes it hard to move such references between documents (e.g., using copy/paste). To solve this, Fonto uses the CMS to create permanent identifiers for any reference in the document, to turn them into a context-free representation.

This transform is used to look up a permanent ID in the CMS and retrieve the associated reference. This association is normally created using transform/createPermanentIdForReference.

Retrieving a permanent ID might fail, e.g., if the corresponding record has been deleted from the CMS. By default, this will result in failure of the operation containing this transform. In some cases, such as when editing a reference, the operation should continue in case of failure (as it will replace the broken reference anyway). To achieve this, set the continueOnError step data property to true. In case of failure, this transform returns a reference with the target property set to null.

Imported operation data

  1. continueOnError

    Type: Boolean

    Default value

  2. permanentId

    Type: String

Exported operation data

  1. reference

    Type: Reference | Object