In order to integrate FontoXML with your CMS, a number of requirements should be met by the CMS.

The following basic technical requirements should be met in order to integrate FontoXML in the CMS:

  • The CMS must be able to host static files in order to serve the FontoXML single page application build.

  • The CMS must be able to implement custom endpoints/API’s to be used by FontoXML.

  • The CMS must host the endpoints/API’s on the same domain as the FontoXML static files are hosted in to prevent CORS issues.

  • The CMS must be able to provide functionality for the user to open a document in FontoXML, for example by overriding the open/edit action or adding a custom open/edit action; make sure these actions are only available on documents which FontoXML can actually open, usually XML files using the schema FontoXML is configured for

Furthermore you need a build of FontoXML that is configured for the schema used in your content.