Product overview

The Fonto Connectors product is intended for demo-grade integration only. It is not intended for production use. See Integrate with a CMS for alternative integration strategies.

What is Fonto Connectors?

Fonto Connectors provides out-of-the-box connectivity for integrating Fonto Editor with your existing Content Management System, Document Management System or cloud storage service.

Using one of the out-of-the-box connectors, or even a combination of them, you can integrate Fonto Editor with:

  • Cloud storage:

    • Google Drive

    • Microsoft OneDrive (Personal and Office365)

  • CMS and XML databases:

    • Using WebDAV to connect with:

      • Alfresco

      • Adobe Experience Manager

      • DITAToo

      • eXist-DB

      • MarkLogic

      • Any CMS / XML database that supports the WebDAV protocol.

        The WebDAV protocol is a well-established and widely implemented industry-standard implemented by several CMS and DMS providers. The WebDAV connector implements IETF RFC 4918 for both non-locking and exclusive write-locking.

    • Using CMIS to connect with:

      • Alfresco

      • Componize

      • Microsoft SharePoint

      • OpenText Documentum

      • Any CMS / XML database that supports the CMIS 1.0 or 1.1 standard.

        The Content Management Interoperability Services, or CMIS for short, is an industry-standard implemented by several CMS and DMS providers. The CMIS connector implements the AtomPub binding and is compliant with versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the standard.

Why Fonto Connectors?

Fonto Editor requires an external content repository (CMS) to provide permanent storage of documents. The editor can be integrated with a CMS through a set of contracts (APIs) which should be implemented by the CMS (CMS integration guide).

Fonto Connectors provides a way to connect your configured the editor to your CMS or cloud storage without the need to implement the contracts in the CMS. Simply configure the Google Drive connector for a quick proof-of-concept. For the next stage, or at any time of your choosing, the Google Drive connector is simply swapped with a connector for the Enterprise Content or Document Management System of your choice.

Fonto Editor requires hosting. Fonto Connectors offers integrated hosting of the Fonto Editor.