Type: String | NULL

The operation name to execute when pasting an image.

When pasting, the state of this operation is first checked with a fake image ID. If this operation is enabled, the image is uploaded to the CMS using the POST /asset endpoint, and the operation is then executed.

In both cases the ID of the image (or its fake replacement) is passed as the selectedImageId step data property. This is the same property used by the fontoxml-image-browser modal.

Defaults to null, which disables pasting images.

Read more on how this feature works and how to configure it in the "Configure pasting an image from the clipboard" how-to guide.


// Note: this operation is not defined by the platform, but by your application, read more in the how-to guide.
configurationManager.set('paste-image-from-clipboard-operation-name', 'insert-pasted-image-as-dita-figure');