Type: Operation

Navigate to the previous item in a predefined structure of elements.

This operation can be used to navigate to a next item. This operation is often used with tables and table-like structures. Before you can use this operation, you will need to set the tabNavigationItemSelectorOrNodeSpec option in a configureSxModule.js for the element you wish to navigate in. The example below shows you how to set this value for a DITA definitions list:


// dl
configureAsStructure(sxModule, 'self::dl', 'definitions table', {
	// ...
	tabNavigationItemSelectorOrNodeSpec: 'name() = ("dthd", "ddhd", "dt", "dd")',
	// ...

For tables, you will need to configure this property using the configureProperties function:


configureProperties(sxModule, 'self:tgroup', {
	tabNavigationItemSelectorOrNodeSpec: 'name() = "entry"'

The counterpart of this operation is {@link operation/navigate-to-next-item-in-tab-context}. 
See also: {@link operation/outdent-list-item}

Key binding

shift + tab