Type: React component

How to get Menu?


import { Menu } from 'fds/components';

A type of list component generally used within a navigational context.

Expects MenuItem, MenuItemWithDrop and/or MenuGroup components as direct children.

Menu handles the hovered state of its child menu items and automatically renders separation lines between MenuGroup components.


  1. children


    Type: ReactNode

  2. maxHeight


    Type: Number | String

    The maximum height of the component, sets the CSS "max-height" property.

    Default value

  3. onRef


    Type: Function

    A callback that is called whenever a component's ref changes.

    Use this callback to get a ref to (the domNode of) a component. There shouldn't be many usecases for using this prop yourself, but you might have to implement it with a given argument from a render callback somewhere.

    For more information about React and "refs", check the React documentation



    Default value