Type: React component

How to get ItemsMenu?


import { ItemsMenu } from 'fds/components';

A VirtualList which renders MenuItem components. This component is generally used as a menu within drop components. For example, SingleAutocomplete implements an ItemsMenu.


  1. allowMultipleSelectedValues


    Type: Boolean

    Whether or not multiple selected values are allowed.

    Default value

  2. items


    Type: Array<Object>

    An item with properties used to render ListItem components from.


  3. maxHeight


    Type: Number | String

    The maximum height of the component, sets the CSS "max-height" property.

    Default value

  4. onChange


    Type: Function

    A callback that is called whenever a component's value changes.

    This callback is called just before the "validate" prop is called.

    Use this callback to update local state which in turn should update the value prop of the component whose callback just fired.


  5. values


    Type: Array<Any>

    The current value of the component. This value will be visualized in the component, often using a human readable label, sometimes using another visual indication (e.g. Checkbox).

    Depending on the component, the data type in JavaScript might be restricted further: eg: a TimeSelect might expect a Date, a TextInput a string etc. These restrictions are implemented with React PropTypes console warnings.

    Default value

  6. virtualBufferFactor


    Type: Number

    The factor which a virtualized list (like VirtualList) uses to determine how much of the rendered items should be buffered off-screen. This helps increase the performance of the list by decreasing the amount of render hits that occur.

    This factor is multiplied by the height of the list. For example, a list being 500 pixels high with a virtualBufferFactor of 2 would result in 1000 pixels worth of items being rendered off-screen on both the top and bottom of the list.

    Default value