Type: React component

How to get Inlay?


import { Inlay } from 'fds/components';

Creates a white background with a border around it. This can be used to group certain components visually. For example when designing a Form, an Inlay can be used inside a FormRow to group certain fields of the form together visually.

If you want the user to be able to collapse the Inlay, you can use a CollapsibleInlay instead of a regular Inlay.


  1. children


    Type: ReactNode

  2. isScrollContainer


    Type: Boolean

    Whether or not this component should act as a scroll container. Meaning, if it should render a (vertical) scrollbar if the contents of the component exceed their bounds; available space.

    When making a component a scroll container, a renderer is also introduced. This is used to render positioned elements like Drop to.

    Default value

  3. maxWidth


    Type: Number | String

    The maximum width of the component, sets the CSS "max-width" property.

    Default value