Type: React component

How to get FxXPath?


import FxXPath from 'fontoxml-fx/src/FxXPath.jsx'

Runs the given XPath expression on the given context and observes the result.

The result is automatically passed to the children (as a function) prop of this component whenever it changes.

See useXPath if you want a React hook instead of a React component. Note: this component simply uses useXPath internally and renders its children as a function that receives the results from useXPath as an argument.

See evaluateXPath for more information regarding XPath, XPath evaluation, variables and return types.


  1. children


    Type: Function

    Children as a function function



  2. context


    Type: FontoNode

    The context of the XPath function, usually a node

  3. expression


    The XPath expression to evaluate and watch

  4. returnType


    Type: Object

    One of the values defined on XPATH_RETURN_TYPES. The XPATH_RETURN_TYPES can be imported from the FxXPath component.

  5. variables


    Type: Object | NULL

    Any additional variables to use with the XPath