Type: React component

How to get FxSheetFrameHeaderReuseArea?


import FxSheetFrameHeaderReuseArea from 'fontoxml-fx/src/FxSheetFrameHeaderReuseArea.jsx'

An area for use in a sheetframe header. It is empty if the sheetframe this is rendered for is unique within the documents hierarchy (ie. is not reused).

If the sheetframe is reused, this area will contain a message stating it is reused followed by two buttons that allows an author to navigate to the other occurrences.


  1. contextNodeId


    Type: String

    The node id of the node that is configured as a sheet frame. This is used to retrieve the contextual information such as operations for this node.

  2. hierarchyNodeId


    Type: String

    The id of the document's hierarchy node for which the sheet frame header is configured.

  3. productContext


    Type: String

    The system name of the product in which the sheet frame (header) is being rendered. Used to alter the look'n'feel of certain parts and/or to disable certain parts in certain contexts.

    Can be one of either:

    • "editor"

    • "review"

    • "history"