Nodes browser library

This add-on exposes the operation/open-nodes-browser-modal operation for opening a nodes browser. This browser allows the user to choose between specified element nodes from the documents currently opened in the editor. This, for example, can be used while selecting a target for a link.

Getting started

This add-on can be added to an editor by selecting the checkbox for this add-on in the SDK portal. Then install this add-on as usual.


This browser can be used by adding the following operation step to your operation:


    "type": "operation/open-nodes-browser-modal"

The following properties can be used with this operation:

  • When this modal is used to edit an existing link, the documentId and nodeId properties can be used to set the selection on the original node.

  • The set of nodes which to choose from is specified by the linkableElementsQuery.

  • Use insertOperationName to disable the primary button based on the operation state.

  • The modal icon, title and primary button label can be set with the modalIcon, modalTitle and modalPrimaryButtonLabel respectively.

For more information see operation/open-nodes-browser-modal.


This package can serve as a base for custom versions of the nodes browser. It can be forked by checking it out directly in the packages folder of an editor. When making a fork, consider keeping it up-to-date with new Fonto Editor versions when they release.

We highly appreciate pull requests if you find a bug. For more general improvements or new features, please file a [](support request). That way, we can think along and make sure an improvement is made in a way that benefits all users of this package.