MathML support

The fontoxml-mathml add-on provides support for MathML fragments to be edited by and rendered in Fonto.

Integrate it by using the configureAsInlineMathMlContainer and the configureAsMathMlContainer functions.

Editing MathML

MathML can be edited using the mathml-edit or open-mathml-editor operations. This functionality is provided by the WIRIS MathType editor. Please refer to its documentation for a list of supported MathML features.

Please note that the MathType editor currently supports a few non-standard extensions to the MathML schema. These generally take the form of attributes in a WIRIS namespace, defaulting to the wrs prefix. The W3C-recommended MathML schema files support such extensions via xs:anyAttribute. It is possible that other MathML processors or derived schemas do not support these extensions. At the time of writing, MathType does not offer a way to disable these features.