FontoXML 7.1.0 (February 23, 2018)

New functionality

  1. This release adds support for custom table models. If your schema uses a modified version of a popular table model, or a schema of your own design, it is now possible to configure Fonto to display and edit these tables. To help you get started quickly, we have fully updated and open-sourced our implementations for the XHTML, CALS and TEI table models.

  2. Release 7.1 includes the first public release of the FontoXML Content Quality App. As you are typing, it scans your text to help you capture the semantics of your writings or provide other intelligent assistance. This release contains the LanguageTool connector, that helps you find spelling errors and grammatical and stylistic issues. It also allows you to connect other services to our platform using the HttpApiAnnotator. Please refer to the FontoXML Content Quality 1.0.0 release notes for more information.

  3. We have streamlined and fully documented the internal API used to implement our DITA map support and are making them public in this release. Using this API you can now implement support for other map-like documents, and easily build hierarchies consisting of multiple documents that are automatically loaded in the editor.

  4. A transform and operation have been added to allow retrieving and setting the column widths for a given table.

  5. Images and DITA conrefs no longer require the underlying reference to use the permanent ID approach / CMS endpoints. These can now optionally be configured to directly use the URL present in the document. Please refer to the corresponding API documentation for details.

  6. Two new operations have been added to support common mutations: insert-next-to-context-node and wrap-context-node-in-structure.

  7. The operation that is executed when a structure item is clicked can now be customized by passing the clickOperation option to configureAsStructureViewItem.

  8. The Card component now supports a spaceVerticalSize prop, which defaults to "m".

  9. The CompactStateMessage component now renders on a single line by default. This behavior can be controlled by the new isSingleLine prop, which defaults to true.

  10. It is no longer possible to create text selections across most FDS UI components. The contents of Text are still selectable, unless the userSelect prop is set to "none". The contents of Label can now be made selectable by setting its userSelect prop to "text".

  11. The new Slider and Slide FDS components can be used to create containers that can switch between different contents with a slide animation.

  12. When providing an onClick prop, MenuItemWithDrop now renders two separate areas: one for clicking the actual item and one for opening the drop.

  13. The StateMessage component now supports an onRef prop which defaults to a 'noop'.

  14. The following color names have been added in FDS. Some of these replace lesser used colors to improve color name consistency: editor-body-background, masthead-dark-background, masthead-default-background, masthead-text-color, masthead-default-button-masthead-background, masthead-default-button-masthead-background:hover, masthead-default-button-masthead-background:selected, masthead-default-button-masthead-border, masthead-default-button-masthead-border:hover, masthead-default-button-masthead-border:selected, modal-header-warning-color, selection-background, selection-border, addition-text-color, addition-text-color:hover, addition-text-color:selected, addition-text-background:hover, addition-text-background:selected, addition-and-deletion-text-color, addition-and-deletion-text-color:hover, addition-and-deletion-text-color:selected, addition-and-deletion-text-background:hover, addition-and-deletion-text-background:selected, attribute-modification-text-color, attribute-modification-text-color:hover, attribute-modification-text-color:selected, attribute-modification-text-background:hover, attribute-modification-text-background:selected, deletion-text-color, deletion-text-color:hover, deletion-text-color:selected, deletion-text-background:hover and deletion-text-background:selected.

  15. The getImageDataFromUrl and getImageDataFromImageId utilities are now considered public API.

  16. Added serializeNodeToJsonMl and parseJsonMlNode utilities to simplify working with JsonML and Stencils.

Resolved issues

  1. An error has been resolved that could cause FontoXML to crash when saving very large documents.

  2. An error has been resolved that could cause a document's documentContext to be updated incorrectly if the responses for both a lock or save request and a state request simultaneously returned a new value. As the editor can not determine whether the documentContext in the state response reflects the state before or after the lock modification or save, Fonto will now ignore the documentContext for state responses that overlap lock modification or document saves.

  3. When cells are merged, cell borders are no longer reset to none in some cases.

  4. The contextual-topicref-indent and contextual-topicref-outdent operations are no longer disabled if any document in the map could not be loaded. Additionally, these now only cause locks to be acquired for the affected map documents, rather than for all loaded map documents.

  5. The setContextNodeIdToTopicrefReferencingCurrentDocument transform did not work in the 7.0 release. This has been resolved.

  6. The configuration set internally by configureAsXhtmlTableElements contained an invalid XPath selector. This has been resolved.

  7. An error has been resolved that caused the FxBooleanXPathQueryByNameFromSelection component to not determine its initial state correctly. This error could cause unexpected behavior until the first selection change occurred.

  8. Pasting empty elements where they are not allowed no longer causes an error message to appear in the browser's developer console.

  9. An error could appear in the browser's developer console about a missing 'masthead-button-masthead-color' color. This has been resolved.

  10. The structure view no longer omits items in some configurations where multiple elements from the same document are used at the root level.

  11. Pressing any of the shortcut keys related to Find&Replace no longer opens the drop if a modal is open.

  12. When using the fontoxml-single-document-hierarchy add-on, document previews now respect the configured query and display multiple sheet frames accordingly.

  13. The error page no longer causes an error about an invalid prop type to appear in the browser's console.

  14. Error placeholders in the content view no longer show a truncated message in some cases. Longer errors now wrap correctly across multiple lines.

  15. The title of warning modals in the neutral theme was unintentionally black text on an orange background. This has been corrected to a more readable white on orange.

  16. The tooltip for UI components that reference an operation with a keybinding, but without a label no longer contains "undefined".

  17. Configuration set using configureProperties is now applied as expected to elements configured using configureAsRelatedLink.

  18. Right clicking no longer blocks scrolling in the editor if there is no context menu for the clicked position.

  19. An error has been resolved where FontoXML could create multiple identical declarations for the same namespace prefix on a single element if the element contained multiple attributes from that namespace.

  20. (FontoXML Connectors) The fdt connectors tool sometimes generated an internal configuration file incorrectly when running on Linux systems, causing the Connectors to fail to start. This has been resolved.

Other improvements

  1. We have optimized the way configuration values for nodes in the loaded documents are resolved based on the application's schema experience configuration. This should accelerate many operations, especially in cases that were problematic in earlier releases, such as when many selectors use XPath functions like fonto:dita-class or cases where a lot of attributes are referenced.

  2. Operations around tables are faster in many cases, as the validity of tables is now only checked when the structure of the table changes.

  3. Selecting an element in the FxNodePreviewWithLinkSelector component now displays a short glow animation, similar to other node highlights in the editor.

  4. Elements in the editor that open a popup when clicked now consistently show the hand cursor when the mouse hovers over them.

  5. Truncated titles in the structure view now display the full title in a tooltip when the mouse hovers over them.

  6. Placeholders for documents that encountered an error now display a red icon and title in the structure view.

  7. Error placeholders in the structure view are now clickable, which scrolls the corresponding error into view in the editor.

  8. Padding, spacing and height is implemented more consistently for the Masthead and Sidebar components.

  9. The prop is no longer required in .

  10. (FontoXML Connectors) The fdt connectors init command now generates an example .env file with placeholders for required configuration values.