FontoXML 6.9.0 (February 17, 2017)

Resolved issues

  1. The loading message in the source sidebar panel now uses the correct font.

  2. The properties panel (attributes editor) now properly displays the message that there are no properties to edit when there is no configuration defined for the properties of the highlighted element.

  3. Changing affected nodes in the context of an observeQueryResults callback now correctly re-invalidates the query.

  4. The default label of the ui-find-and-replace-drop is now localizable.

  5. The previous release left an unused (and harmless) messages.js file in the dist folder when building an application. This has been resolved. The file can be safely deleted.

  6. Multiple distinct references to the same remote document (e.g., topicrefs in different DITA maps) can no longer cause the document to be loaded twice in some situations.

  7. The presence of an element menu no longer causes additional vertical whitespace to appear in the associated element in Firefox.

  8. The results of an XPath query combining the descendant axis with a predicate are now ordered correctly.

  9. The split-and-insert operation now validates the correct element. This resolves a rare occurrence of the operation-failed modal.

  10. An issue has been resolved which caused incorrect default values to be used for borders in CALS tables in some situations.

  11. Elements configured as objects or images are now properly highlighted when they are part of the current selection.

  12. A bug introduced in release 6.6 caused the attributes editor to lose any unsaved changes whenever an operation was executed. This unfortunately even included modals opened for certain types of attributes. The attributes editor now only refreshes if a change is made that affects the currently displayed attributes.

  13. The validation for the XML Schema language type did not accept languages starting with more than two characters. This has been resolved.

  14. In specific situations, moving nodes under the same parent past change markers or the selection could cause the operation to fail. This has been resolved.

  15. The inline anchor to structure with block or line families inadvertently prevented placing the cursor inside. This has been resolved.

New functionality

  1. This release of FontoXML introduces the Fonto Design System (FDS), a new library of reusable React-based UI components designed to make it easier than ever to customize the UI of your FontoXML instance. Please refer to the documentation for full details. Future releases of FontoXML will integrate FDS into every aspect of the FontoXML UI and replace the previous AngularJS-based UI.

  2. FontoXML is now able to correctly validate most XML Schema 1.0 simple types used for both attributes and element content. You will need to recompile your schema to take advantage of this feature. Please refer to the upgrade instructions for details.

  3. The FontoXML XPath engine has been extended with support for various XPath 3.1 features. Please refer to the documentation for the full list of features that are currently supported.

  4. The single-document-hierarchy add-on has been redesigned and is now able to generate a nested hierarchy instead of only a flat list. Please refer to the upgrade instructions for further details.

  5. Pivot models can now be used to translate small caps when pasted from HTML by matching the small-caps flag on inline pivot nodes. This does not work in all circumstances as not all word processors output this.

  6. The API based on Selector objects has been removed. All selectors should now be specified using XPath strings. Note that we still currently support passing simple node names or arrays of node names as a convenience, but will trigger warnings. Upgrade these selectors to remove these warnings. In a few cases, we added an extra parameter to simplify passing large numbers of selectors in operations.json files. Refer to the upgrade instructions for more information.

  7. Structure view items and sheet frames now support a visibleChildSelectorOrNodeSpec option, which can be used to prevent certain children from being rendered under them.

  8. Elements that are configured as images or inline images can now easily be selected by clicking on them with the left mouse button.

  9. Elements configured as objects or inline objects now support a clickOperationvisualization option, allowing an operation to be executed when the element is clicked.

  10. The FontoXML localization framework now supports the date, time and number formatting options provided by MessageFormat.js. Note that the currency number format is not yet supported, as we do not yet offer a way to configure the currency.

Other improvements

  1. Documents that fail to load no longer cause an extra “uncaught error in promise” warning to appear in the browser’s developer console.

  2. The save button in the attributes editor is now permanently visible at the top of the panel. This avoids situations where users forget to click the button due to it being scrolled out of view.

  3. Content included using a DITA conref now displays a popover similar to other references. The edit operation is not available by default but can be set via the fontoxml-dita-architecture-conrefs/edit-operation-nameconfiguration value.

  4. The wrap-selection-in-structure and wrap-selection-or-container-in-structure operations now automatically extend the selection to wrap surrounding elements if their entire contents are selected.

  5. The fontoxml build system now minimizes and obfuscates code when running npm run build to create a production version of your instance. Use the --no-mangle option to disable this behavior.

  6. The documents hierarchy no longer refreshes automatically if changes are made to the structure of a DITA map, as this behavior was often the cause of complex timing-related issues. If you created any custom operations to modify a DITA map, add a step invoking the refreshDocumentsHierarchyFromMap action to update the hierarchy after all changes have been made.

  7. Double-clicking in a document which can not be edited no longer causes error messages to appear in the developer console.

Other notes

  1. The example configuration packages provided by the SDK portal were increasingly outdated and have therefore been removed. We are continuously working to improve our regular documentation, to provide a better guide on how best to configure FontoXML for your schema.

  2. Schemas compiled using the SDK portal now include a version number, which allows us to warn you if we make incompatible changes to the schema format in a future release.

  3. The FontoXML localization tools have been updated to support extracting messages from code constructs used in this release of FontoXML, such as the new FDS React components. This release also adds an --overwrite option to the upgradecommand, allowing message bundles to be updated in-place. If you use these tools, please update your installation by running npm update -g fontoxml-localization-tools.