FontoXML 6.2.0 (April 15, 2016)

Resolved issues

  1. Errors occurring while FontoXML is loading now result in an error message rather than an empty page. This also catches very old browsers which are unable to interpret the FontoXML JavaScript code.

  2. The dialog opened by the reference-web-edit-modal and reference-web-insert-modal operations now accepts URLs without a top-level domain, such as http://localhost/. A warning message now appears if the URL is invalid and can not be inserted.

  3. The set-attributes operation and related operations which only modify an existing element’s attributes now validate these attributes against the schema.

  4. Dragging with the mouse to select text no longer causes the start point of the selection to move around in some cases. This was especially noticeable around the edges of inline frames.

  5. Processing instructions in the document no longer show up as thin vertical white lines over the content.

  6. Uppercase and lowercase Greek numbering styles now proceed correctly after ‘Ρ’ and ‘ρ’.

  7. The selection no longer stops updating when switching to responsive design test mode in Firefox.

  8. Deleting a selection containing a single element as well as text outside the element no longer fails to remove the text.

  9. Validation of CMS responses has been extended to prevent unexpected behavior when the CMS returns an unexpected invalid response.

  10. The development server no longer fails to serve files from application-level packages for which the name ends in “assets”.

  11. Structure view items no longer flicker when typing in a title.

  12. The label and markup label widgets are now aligned properly.

  13. Selecting an element after a table no longer causes the table to appear selected in Chrome.

  14. Markings for spell checking, comments and tracked changes are no longer misaligned after images have been loaded.

  15. The split-cell-completely operation now also works for cells which were merged across either columns or rows.

  16. Documents sent to the CMS can no longer contain characters that are not allowed in the XML 1.0 and 1.1 standards. Although these “control characters” can be inserted inadvertently (e.g., by pasting text containing them), they are now removed automatically just before the next save.

  17. Dependencies for FontoXML build tools are now correctly installed when using older versions of node.js and npm. Note that we recommend always using an up-to-date version of node.js and npm when developing FontoXML applications.

  18. Using the open-ui-pane operation before the sidebar is visible no longer causes an error.

  19. In specific configurations of FontoXML, loading a document could trigger a lock request, even when no changes were made. This has been resolved.

  20. Deleting content from your own tracked additions now correctly updates the timestamp of the surrounding change.

  21. The development server no longer generates references using a different format when running on Windows. This caused references to become invalid if saved documents were moved from Windows to a Linux or OSX system.

  22. XPath expressions now accept namespace prefixes for elements.

  23. The click event no longer bubbles up from ui-button elements. Button clicks should always be handled using ui-button’s “click” attribute.

  24. Structure view items for which both a title selector and a label are configured now also show the label if the title element is empty, not just when no title element exists.

  25. Inserting a new document directly under a nested DITA map now correctly sends the referrer document ID of the map the document is inserted into, rather than the document ID of the root map.

  26. Chrome is no longer mistakenly identified as Safari by our supported browsers check.

  27. Toolbar tabs are attached to the toolbar again in Firefox.

  28. The waitForLockRequests action now correctly updates operation status.

  29. In some cases, a document could become the focused document immediately after it was removed, causing various errors. This has been resolved.

  30. Pasting over a selection now consistently removes the selected content before inserting the new content from the clipboard.

  31. When tracked changes are shown, deletions were visible in locked documents even though they did not respond to clicks. Deletions are now no longer visible in documents that are not available for editing. Additions and comments in locked documents were already invisible.

  32. The example configuration for the DITA programming domain has been corrected to prevent invalid cursor positions in a plentry element.

  33. Tables with large content no longer extend outside the sheet frame in Firefox in some cases.

  34. With change tracking enabled, correcting a spelling error using the suggestions provided now correctly records the change.

  35. The loading spinner now animates correctly in Edge.

  36. The preview modal for a reference no longer loads indefinitely if the reference points to an element which no longer exists.

  37. In some cases element numbering could show all zeroes if the corresponding selector depended on an attribute. This has been resolved.

  38. Very rapidly hammering keys associated with an operation no longer causes an error.

  39. Clicking in some locations could cause errors to be shown in the console, or cause the selection to appear in documents that do not have focus. This has been resolved.

  40. Deleting a selections made from within one footnote to the next would delete all content between the footnotes. To prevent this unexpected behavior, such selections are no longer possible.

  41. Various internal stability improvements.

New functionality

  1. Visualizations for commenting and change tracking have been revamped. The new review sidebar pane now displays an overview of all comments and changes in the loaded documents and allows for easy navigation and manipulation. Note that due to these changes, the operations available for controlling change tracking have changed. Please update your toolbar accordingly and refer to the documentation for an overview of the new operations, which can be used to control the review pane.

  2. As the find feature in web browsers is incompatible with the way FontoXML displays documents, a new find and replace experience can now be added as a special dropdown in the toolbar. This form enables intuitive searches within all loaded documents, and also allows replacing.

  3. Comments can now be placed without selecting text. To ensure that these are visible, as well as comments for which the marked text has been deleted, all comments now display as a speech bubble in the text when comments are visible.

  4. Change tracking can now be started and stopped using operations. Starting or stopping change tracking on startup is configurable, but change tracking will automatically be switched on if a loaded document contains existing change markings. Turning off change tracking includes accepting all changes in all loaded documents.

  5. The vertical-insert operation now accepts an insertAtEnd argument to control whether to insert the structure at the start or at the end of the current selection.

  6. Custom ReferenceType implementations can now specify the operation used when pressing the delete button in the reference popover.

  7. The content of the page shown when FontoXML encounters an unrecoverable error can now be customized by setting the error-route-content-template configuration value to the id of the desired template.

  8. Pressing ctrl+up or ctrl+down (alt+up and alt+down on OSX) now moves the cursor to the start or end of the current block, or to the start or end of the next block if it was already at the edge. This can be used in combination with shift (i.e., ctrl+shift+up or ctrl+shift+down, or alt+shift+up and alt+shift+down on OSX) to extend the selection to that point.

  9. Sidebar panes can now use ui-pane-overlap-gutter to use the full size of the panel (and disable its scrollbar) instead of having the content of the pane determine its height.

  10. FontoXML now uses fonto-manifest.json instead of the now deprecated bower.json to indicate the dependencies of a package, both from the FontoXML platform as well as other app-level packages. This enables using bower for sharing packages not in the platform between multiple FontoXML instances. If no fonto-manifest.json exists in a package, bower.json is used to ensure backwards compatibility. Please refer to the documentation for details on the format of the fonto-manifest.json file.

  11. The new visible-if attribute can be used to determine visibility of toolbar tabs based on things other than the position of the cursor.

  12. Operations have been added to influence the size of the text and the widths of the documents. Combining these allows zooming documents in and out.

  13. XPath selectors can now use the following-sibling and preceding-siblingaxes.

  14. In applications using the DITA platform, alt+shift+up and alt+shift+down (ctrl+shift+up and ctrl+shift+down on OSX) can now be used to move elements with or inheriting from DITA classes “topic/dlentry”, “topic/li”, “topic/row”, “topic/sli” and “topic/strow” up or down within the containing element.

  15. Operations can now specify the osxKeyBinding property to override the key binding associated with the operation when FontoXML is running on an OSX system.

  16. The contents of a ui-button can now be aligned left or right by using the new horizontal-alignment attribute.

  17. Stencils now allow null as an attribute value, requiring the attribute to be absent.

Other improvements

  1. Colors used for indicating the current and highlighted tabs have been adjusted to reduce confusion, as the old colors could make highlighted tabs appear disabled.

  2. Improved pasting nested lists from HTML sources, including Google Docs.

  3. Example configuration for the DITA common element domain has been improved to disallow footnotes inside footnotes. Although this situation is valid according to the DITA schemas, it is not desirable.

  4. Reference popovers now use a hand cursor to indicate the link is clickable.

  5. Example configuration for the DITA common element domain has been improved to insert a footnote at the end of the current selection instead of at the start.

  6. Custom tests registered for use in XPath expressions should use the “fonto:” namespace prefix going forward, rather than the now deprecated and non-standard “fonto-” prefix. Example configuration packages have been updated to match.

  7. Using the node browser or another variation of the ui-node-preview to display an element configured as inline anchor to structure now displays the structure part rather than the inline anchor.

  8. Example configuration for the DITA equation domain has been improved. Inline equations now no longer show a frame intersecting the rendered equation.

  9. Example configuration for the DITA common element domain has been improved to only show a placeholder for the first paragraph in a dd element.

  10. The accept-all-changes, accept-all-changes-in-document, reject-all-changes and reject-all-changes-in-document operations are now disabled if there are no changes that will be affected.

  11. The experiment controlled by the enable-experiment/buffered-inputconfiguration value is now enabled by default. This flag will be removed in the next release.

  12. The key bindings for the subscript and superscript operations have been removed in the DITA highlight domain example configuration, as they conflict with the keys controlling zooming in most browsers.

  13. Various performance improvements.