FontoXML 6.10.0 (March 31, 2017)

Resolved issues

  1. Rendering of DITA link elements no longer fails if the CMS does not return metadata for the reference.

  2. Searching for a word which is directly followed by a footnote no longer shows a highlight that extends into the footnote.

  3. Documents for which FontoXML has acquired a lock will now be automatically unlocked when the document is unloaded. This solves documents remaining locked after being removed from a DITA map or after an error is encountered. In case of problems, the new behavior can be disabled by setting the enable-experiment/automatically-release-acquired-locks configuration value to false.

  4. Pressing enter in any input field in the attributes editor no longer toggles the presence of the first attribute.

  5. Non-string simple types are now correctly validated if the value contains surrounding whitespace. Previously, such values would be incorrectly marked as invalid.

  6. Changes for supporting images loaded from another origin introduced in an earlier release were found to cause authentication issues when using Edge or Safari and in some cases when not hosting the CMS at another origin. We have added a configuration value enable-experiment/enable-cors-for-images, which defaults to false, to enable opting in to this behavior. Note that, because of differences in the way browsers handle authentication in this scenario, we do not currently recommend hosting the CMS endpoints at an origin different from the one serving the FontoXML HTML and JavaScript files.

  7. Double-clicking in a locked document no longer causes an error message to appear in the browser's debug console in some cases.

  8. Images that are removed from the document are now properly unloaded. Previously, these would continue to use up memory until FontoXML was closed or reloaded.

  9. Resolved an issue where the animation that indicates the selected element in the attributes editor is displayed on every keystroke when typing in the element.

  10. All DITA map mutation operations now clear the undo stack for the map document. Previously, some changes could be undone, but the result would not be visible.

  11. An issue has been resolved where, after unsuccessfully retrieving the lock on a document, a reload was attempted for a document that has been unloaded.

  12. An issue has been resolved which could cause error messages to appear in the browser console if a document was unloaded very shortly after it has been edited.

  13. Errors occurring while serializing a document while saving are now permanent and will result in the error page being shown.

  14. Including the name of a locale that has no messages defined for it in the preferred-locales configuration setting no longer causes an error.

  15. Resolved an issue where popovers would sometimes stay open when clicking elsewhere.

New functionality

  1. This release of FontoXML includes an upgraded version of the FDS UI component library. The API for some components has been changed. Please refer to the upgrade instructions when upgrading your existing FDS-based UI components for this release.

  2. In line with our move from Angular to React and FDS, the Angular router (the component handling application startup) has been replaced with a React-based implementation. This requires some changes in existing applications; please refer to the upgrade instructions for more details.

  3. The FontoXML logo has been moved to the left side of the masthead so the right side can be used for user widgets, which will be enabled in a future release. This means that including client logos in the masthead is no longer possible. The FontoXML masthead now also supports a compact view optimized for embedding FontoXML in other applications.

  4. The new configureAsListElements API should now be used to specify the families for elements that form list-like structures. If this family is used, applications can use the new list operations to indent and outdent list items or convert between list types in a generic way. Applications using older implementations of list-related operations, including those using the DITA platform, will need to be upgraded to use this new API. Please refer to the upgrade instructions for more details.

  5. FontoXML now supports validation of all date and time related simple types defined by the XML Schema 1.0 standard, as well as the various range restrictions on such data types.

  6. All CVK families and other configuration methods based on XPath selectors now support a priority option. This can be set to a value smaller than -1 or larger than 1 in order to manually specify the configuration rule's priority relative to other configuration. If priority is omitted, the specificity of the selector continues to be used. The range of priorities between -1 and 1 is reserved for future changes in the specificity-based ordering algorithm.

  7. The configureAsBreakElement family can now be used to configure break elements. This requires the parent element to be configured with a family that supports break elements to work correctly.

  8. The new configureAsDefinitionsTableRow family can be used to define table-like structures with a fixed number of columns, such as DITA definition lists.

  9. The titleSelectorOrNodeSpec CVK option has been deprecated in favor of titleQuery. Additionally, the RelatedNodesQueryWidget has been added as alternative to RelatedNodesWidget.

  10. The new set-selection operation can be used to set arbitrary (but valid) selections.

  11. MathML (container) elements now support the clickOperation visualization option. This defaults to select-node, to select the node when clicked. Additionally, selected MathML elements are now highlighted correctly.

  12. The new createLabelQueryWidget function can be used to create widgets that show the result of an arbitrary XPath expression evaluated to a string.

Other improvements

  1. In moving from Angular to FDS, the zoom feature has been reworked for stability and now works better for different combinations of text size and document width. Please refer to the documentation for the new operations to include in your instance's toolbar.

  2. When replacing results using the find and replace feature, there is now a slight delay before scrolling to the next result, to make it easier to check the result of replacing the content.

  3. When pasting rich structures such as tables in elements that do not allow them, FontoXML can now prefer to insert the structure in a valid position after the context element rather than flattening the pasted structures to plain text. To enable this behavior, set the configuration value enable-experiment/horizontally-import-nodes to true.

  4. Plain text pasted in blocks that allow newline characters to be used as break tokens no longer loses its formatting. This should greatly simplify pasting things like code samples in such elements.

  5. Selectors using a syntax other than XPath (i.e., those that triggered warnings in the previous release) will no longer work in this release. Please refer to the upgrade instructions for release 6.9.0 for more details.

  6. If a valid URL is selected, the reference-web-insert-modal operation now bypasses showing the modal and directly yields the selected URL.

  7. The font used for editorial instructions has been changed to better match the document content.

Online services

  1. The schema compiler in the FontoXML SDK portal now reports any errors and warnings encountered when processing the schema. This should make it much easier to debug errors in your schema files or incompatibilities between your schema and FontoXML.