FontoXML 6.0.1 (January 13, 2016)

Resolved issues

  1. An issue has been resolved where attribute validation did not accept fractions of seconds in standard XSD date/time formats. Validation of these attributes now conforms to the DITA and XSD specifications.

  2. A performance regression has been fixed that occurred when many markings are present from change tracking, comments or spelling suggestions in an editor with multiple sheet frames.

  3. A timing issue has been resolved in the build tool (fontoxml-gulp) which occasionally caused corruption in an intermediary file, resulting in a failed build.

Other improvements

  1. Terminology on schema bundles has been clarified in the SDK portal UI.

  2. To improve responsiveness of the editor, the XML source view is no longer updated when the panel is closed. As generating this view can take some time for large documents, we now show a loading message while the source view is being prepared.