Fonto Review 7.9.0

All release notes for this release of Fonto can be found here. The upgrade instructions for this release can be found here.

If you are coming from a version prior to 7.8.3 and have not yet read the upgrade instructions, do so here: Upgrade from 7.8.1 to 7.8.2

Recommended upgrade instruction

The reference configuration repository for Fonto Review has been updated to fix several issues and to implement the new features in this release. Update to the 7.9.0 version to benefit from these changes.

New functionality

  • We have added a feature to place annotations on any object-like content in Fonto. These annotations can relate to images or formulas for example.

  • We have added a feature to place annotations on entire publications. These annotations are not related to any range in the document.

  • The selection model in the review route in Fonto has been changed to leverage the Fonto selection model. This fixes several bugs in different browsers and should give a more consistent selection experience overall.

  • The icon of the tombstone widget has been changed to have a clearer indication of what it means.

Resolved issues

  • The performance of the initial load of annotations has significantly improved. Previously, you could have noted crashes or timeouts when working with 300+ annotations, this limit has now been raised to at least 4000 (depending on CMS and client specifications).

  • A bunch of changes have been made to improve the user experience overall. These include more consistent placing of the insertion popover in the review route and the updating and placement of the tombstone widget in the content view.