Fonto Review 7.15.0

New functionality

  1. We introduced a way to navigate from Fonto Review to Fonto Document History. You can now use the regular go-to-history-for-document operation from the review route. Please refer to the documentation for Document History for more information on integrating Fonto Review and Fonto Document History.

Resolved issues

  1. Fixed a bug where the tombstone icon in Fonto Review would be misaligned

  2. Fix a crash when non-whitespace text nodes were found outside of elements configured as blocks. These text nodes are now treated as implicit blocks and positions within them can be recovered.

Other improvements

  1. The documentation of the Fonto Review reference configuration is now included in our own documentation instead of the separate GitHub repository.

  2. Fonto Review has been updated to run on ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.16, which includes security-related fixes.