Fonto Review 7.11.0

These are the release notes specific to Fonto Review that shipped as part of Fonto 7.11.0. For the full release notes of Fonto 7.11.0, please click here. The upgrade instructions for Fonto Editor can be found here.

We have added response validation for certain properties that must be returned when an annotation gets resolved. Make sure your endpoint implementation adheres to the contracts.

New functionality

This release of Fonto Review includes a couple of new features. These are listed below.

  1. We introduced a way to automatically apply changes proposed by a change proposal. A much heard feature request that we now have an answer to. Previously, authors needed to copy/paste the changes proposed in the card. There is now a way to do this with the click of a button.

    Of course we took a lot of edge cases into account, where the document may not be editable, or the text the proposal was originally placed on changed. We inform the user about these events and always offer the option to manually merge the proposed text. We have also improved the visualization of the diff, especially when proposing larger changes to the text.

  2. This release of Fonto Review introduces a new Annotation Export API on the backend. You can now easily download a CSV export of annotations that are created. This, for example, helps you creating a Comment Resolution Table that some organizations need to deliver. We are looking forward to any feedback that you may have, so please reach out to us!

  3. Our reference configuration now collapses replies by defaultEspecially comments with a large amount of replies could grow quite big. We have addressed this feedback in our reference configuration by collapsing replies by default if there are more than two.

  4. We made it possible to retry certain annotation errors that occur in Fonto Review. For example when losing your network connection or when the CMS is down for a short period of time. Previously, reviewers would lose their written comment, but saving the annotation can now be retried.

  5. We improved the UX around overlapping annotations. Annotations that were placed on top of eachother previously were not very distinguishable. We have improved on this by giving the selected annotation a slightly different styling. We do aim to further improve the visibility of these overlapping annotations in the future, but this is already a step in that direction.

  6. We added the ability to select an entire group in the sharing sidebar. This makes sharing annotations for a selection of sections a lot easier.

Resolved issues

This release also fixes a number of bugs in the Review product. A summary of them can be found here.

  1. Losing your connection to the CMS caused a number of small bugs that are now resolved. We have made sure that there is always a path forward when coming into an error situation.

  2. We have fixed a couple of issues with the comment popover in the Review route. This should now be more stable in JIT loaded scenarios.

  3. We have fixed an issue with the tombstone widget in a single document hierarchy editor.

  4. We have fixed an issue with the tombstone widget not being removed in the non-Chromium Edge browser when closing the sidebar.

  5. We now also show the filters in the sharing sidebar. This is to indicate that certain filters are active while you are sharing, so you know some of the comments may not be shared.

  6. We fixed an issue where really long annotation type labels caused the comment popover to break out of its container.

  7. We have fixed some issues with the filters in the reference configuration. These now always send the correct value to the CMS.

  8. We fixed an issue where removing the content that you were just creating an annotation on would result in weird behaviour. We have disabled creating comments in that case.

  9. We have fixed an issue where the element menu widget would show up in the review route, albeit disabled.

  10. We have added response validation for certain properties that must be returned when an annotation gets resolved. Make sure your endpoint implementation adheres to the contracts.

  11. We have added an empty state message when the sharing sidebar is empty.

  12. We fixed an issue where trying to select annotations that were in the same figure failed. This could be seen when having annotations on two equations inside one MathML formula.

  13. We fixed an issue where squiggles would still be created even though the annotation type was not registered. This really is a developer error, but it was confusing that it added squiggles.

  14. We now scroll the top of an annotation card in view when selecting one. We previously scrolled the bottom, but since users are more likely to start reading from the top we changed this.


  1. Fonto Review has been updated to run on ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.5 (LTS).