Fonto Review 7.10.1

These are the release notes specific to Fonto Review that shipped as part of Fonto 7.10.1. For the full release notes of Fonto 7.10.1, please click here.

Resolved issues

This release of Fonto Review fixes the following bugs.

  1. The initial load of Fonto Review did not always show squiggles or annotations correctly in some cases. This has now been resolved.

  2. A document reload caused Fonto to forget all annotations for the document corresponding to the document that was reloaded. This has now been resolved.

  3. When acknowledging an error in an annotation card in the Review route, the comment functionality was disabled. We now correctly enable the comment functionality again after an error resolve.

  4. Fonto did not trigger a document save before the revision identifier of the document was recorded on resolving of an annotation. This caused the resolvedDocumentRevisionId to be incorrect when the document had unsaved changes. We now trigger a document save before the annotation gets resolved if the document is dirty.

  5. The global comment bar in the top of the screen stayed open even though the corresponding annotation that was errored was acknowledged. This now closes automatically.

  6. Replying on a comment which was deleted remotely could in some cases cause an infinite spinner. This has been resolved.

  7. When a comment was opened in one of the context modals, and then deleted remotely could cause two messages to appear in the modal. This has been resolved to only show the applicable message.