Fonto Review 7.10.0

These are the release notes specific to Fonto Review that shipped as part of Fonto 7.10.0. For the full release notes of Fonto 7.10.0, please click here. The upgrade instructions for Fonto Editor can be found here.

Required changes

This release of Fonto Review adds response validators to all endpoints called by the product. So, if your implementation of those endpoints did not follow the contracts completely, you may now see errors.

This release of Fonto Review adds configuration to the Fonto Review backend. See more information here.

New functionality

As you would expect, this release of Fonto Review contains a bunch of new features to enjoy.

  1. We introduced sidebars in the Review route. We did that for several reasons:

    • The first one is to enable Find in Review, a much requested feature to search through the publication loaded in the Review application. It uses the same features as the Find in the Editor does, so expect full compatibility with JIT loading and presearch.

    • A small "bug" fix that we did is that the sidebar in the Review route and the sidebar in the Editor now have the same widths. This means that your custom components now can use the same styling in both the Editor as well as the Review route.

    • We moved the Outline from the masthead in the reference configuration to a sidebar. This is now consistent with the Editor.

  2. We introduced grouping by document in the sidebars for Review. This gives you a clear overview of comments that correspond to a certain document in the hierarchy. Previously, this was just a flat list, but you can now navigate through the list more easily.

  3. We massively improved the Position Recovery Service (PRS). As you may have noticed, the PRS didn't do much for you in the 7.9 release. We were aware of that and it was a very high priority to make it a whole lot smarter in the 7.10 release. We now recover positions in almost all cases. So expect to not see the tombstone icon very often anymore. Note that when upgrading the PRS, it will automatically retry position recovery for the annotations that got lost when opening a document with tombstoned annotations.

  4. We have introduced a new XPath function called "is-on-review-route" that allows custom logic to be put in that is targeted to the Review route application.

Resolved issues

This release of Fonto Review we also made quite an effort to get the stability of the product to the next level. That means that the following issues are now resolved.

  1. We introduced response validators to make sure the product does not accept malformed responses.

  2. Squiggles were not always repositioned correctly after a document reload. This has now been resolved.

  3. Squiggles that were put on a figure that also contained an alternative text previously were rendered incorrectly on the alternative text. This has now been resolved to correctly render on the figure.

  4. Squiggles on objects were not correctly rendered in Microsoft Edge (not the chromium based one). This has now been resolved.

  5. Errors in filters were not formatted according to the contract. That is now resolved.

  6. The popover in the Review route would not always show up when expected and not always close when expected. We have overhauled this behaviour and made it more consistent.

  7. Replies that are in draft looked like they were saved when the document autosaved. This has now been resolved. We have not seen cases where data was sent to the CMS, so no corrupt data should be saved.

  8. Creating an annotation could sometimes yield an invalid cursor position between table cells for example. This has now been resolved.

  9. The CMS Connectors API for Review would require you to send an empty resolvedMetadata object in annotation responses even though the annotation was not yet resolved. This property has been made optional in these cases.

  10. Some messages in Review were not translatable. We have ensured that they are now showing up in the messages bundle.

  11. Borders of errored sheetframes in the Review route were not always shown. This is now resolved.

  12. Spamming an annotation card while it is saving would previously yield console errors. This has now been resolved.

  13. The development CMS would previously merge revisions even though an annotation was created on it. This would cause the "created" or "original" context to be lost. We have now made sure that these revisions are no longer merged in the development CMS. Upgrade FDT to the latest version to benefit from this fix.

  14. Object squiggles of annotations that are already shared were not removed when going to the sharing slide in the sidebar. These squiggles are now correctly removed and re-added when closing the sharing sidebar.

Performance improvements

  1. We now call the Position Recovery Service with one batch call. This massively reduces the amount of network requests and improves performance.

  2. We improved performance around the loading and working with large sets of annotations. The previous 7.9 release would yield issues when ~250 annotations were put on a publication. We have now tested with more than 4000 per publication and that all works well.