Fonto Editor 7.16.0 (September 23, 2021)

For the upgrade instructions, head over to Upgrade from 7.15 to 7.16.

A number of APIs previously announced to be deprecated have now been removed. These are listed on the Upcoming removals 7.16 page.

A number of APIs will be removed in the 7.18 release. They are listed on the Upcoming removals 7.18 page.

New functionality

  1. We're introducing intuitive table cell selections. Authors can now make a rectangular selection of any size anywhere in the table to merge those cells, bold their text, clear their contents and work with them in other ways. The new table selections will feel extremely familiar to users accustomed to traditional text processors.

    • The distinction between the previous table highlights and the actual selection is gone. As with the normal selection, table selections are created by dragging the mouse and/or by using shift and the arrow keys. We've updated the visualization and deprecated APIs referencing cell highlights in favor of new ones that reference the selection.

    • The default table toolbar is now improved to make use of Fonto's improved table selection behavior. There is now a single "Merge" button to merge all cells in the current selection, for which you can also use the new merge-selected-cells operation. Split operations depending on the selection will be disabled if more than one cell is selected. Rows and columns can now be inserted above/below/right/left of the current table selection. The selection can also be used to remove multiple rows or columns at the same time.

    • The newly introduced Cell Selection feature can now also be used to make whole parts of tables bold, italic or underlined: the toggle-inline-formatting-element operation can now handle cell selections! Note that not all other commands are aware of the new cell selections. We will be extending the set of operations that support these selections in future releases.

  2. The new update-initial-documents-list operation allows re-opening the editor with a different document or set of documents without completely reloading the application.

  3. The new remote-document-state-show-in-structure-view configuration value allows precise control over which remote state icons appear in the Outline sidebar.

  4. The find-and-replace-configuration configuration value now supports a new enableReplace property that allows control over which types of replacing are available in the editor.

  5. The convert-range-to-plain-text operation is now bound to Ctrl+space, just like in Microsoft Word.

Resolved issues

  1. We fixed a few annoyances with the way the editor handles changes to focus and the selection, including cases where the cursor jumps back to a previous position when you're trying to make a new selection.

  2. We fixed a regression introduced in 7.15.0 that caused the open-attributes-editor-for-node to potentially crash the editor in certain cases. This unfortunately re-introduces an issue where the labels of elements in the attributes editor's element selector do not always update correctly.

  3. We fixed a few cases where pressing backspace in lists would crash the editor.

  4. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when typing over certain selected elements.

  5. We fixed a bug where a search would sometimes not stop when exceeding the configured maximum number of results.

  6. Resolved an issue where calling the fonto:curated-text-in-node and/or fonto:curated-text-in-range functions on content containing cyclic inclusions would crash the editor. These cyclic references are now resolved to the "errored inclusion symbol" �.

  7. Fixed a bug where fonto:curated-text-in-range would in some cases return the text of its end position's siblings and ancestry in the wrong order.

  8. Resolved an issue where automatic capitalization of the first word of a sentence would sometimes not work when change tracking is enabled.

  9. The outputClass and clickOperation options for configureAsStructureViewItem now work correctly for both loaded and unloaded documents.

  10. We fixed a bug where the rowBefore configuration set for table row elements was inadvertently taken into account, leading to visual defects in some table configurations. The rowBefore widget area should only be configured for the table-defining node.

  11. We fixed a scrolling issue in Safari which only occurred if the cursor is on a wide table.

  12. We fixed an issue where the selection was not removed when opening a context menu.

  13. Resolved an issue where right clicking an element caused its normal click operations to be executed.

  14. A configured tooltipQuery that results in an empty string or an empty sequence no longer causes an empty tooltip to appear in the content view.

  15. CalendarInput now correctly displays its initial value.

  16. The Outline filter drop now scrolls when its contents exceed the available space.

  17. Resolved a rare issue where useManagerState could in some cases miss updates directly caused by rendering the component in which it is used or its descendants.

  18. Outline items are now always expanded when you select them or place the cursor in the corresponding content.

  19. Fixed a bug in Fonto Development Tools that caused an error for Windows users when initializing a new Fonto Editor instance.

  20. Fixed an issue in Fonto Development Tools that caused the development server to crash when using empty strings or paths to directories as document IDs.

Other improvements

  1. The default of the all-remote-document-ids-are-absolute configuration value has been changed to true in preparation for its deprecation and to prevent unnecessary CMS requests. Please refer to the Upcoming removals 7.18 page for more details and check whether this change affects your application.

  2. It is now possible to collapse tables inside of inclusions. Note that all inclusions to the same table will share the same collapsed state.

  3. We've also made it possible to expand tables in read-only content.

  4. We improved the readability of read-only sheet frames by only changing their background color instead of greying out all content.

  5. The maximum size of a table that can be inserted using the FxOperationInsertTableMenu has been increased to 20 × 20.

  6. Hovering over a table cell element menu button now shows a pointer cursor to better indicate that this widget can be clicked.

  7. We've improved the highlight of the table cell containing the cursor to not hide the table borders.

  8. We improved the performance of several common types of XPath queries by statically inferring their types. This will allow more performance improvements when we compile more and more XPaths to JavaScript.

  9. Font Awesome has been upgraded to 5.15.4.

  10. Fonto Development Tools will now strip unused elements from DITA-based schemas when compiling them. If you have a DITA-based editor, it's recommended to recompile your schemas to take advantage of this optimization.

  11. Fonto Development Tools now resolves symbolic links when gathering schema files for compilation.

  12. Fonto Development Tools now outputs a clearer error when providing an unsupported runtime for commands that download self-contained builds.

  13. Fonto Development Tools now outputs a clearer error when compiling a schema in cases where a schema is referenced using an external reference.

  14. The minimum version of Node.js required by Fonto Development Tools has been increased to 12 in response to version 10 being declared end-of-life.

  15. Our server-side Fonto products have been updated to run on ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.18, which includes security-related fixes.

Deprecated browser support

Microsoft ended support for Microsoft Edge 44, sometimes also known as Edge Legacy, on March 9th 2021. In the April update, any Windows 10 systems will automatically update to the more recent version of Edge which is based on Chromium. For older Windows systems Edge Legacy was not available. Read more about Microsoft’s announcements around Edge Legacy here.

From 7.16.0 onward, we'll no longer support Edge Legacy. If this causes a problem, please reach out to us to discuss options. Our recommendation is to migrate your user base to the Chromium-based version of Edge or to any other compatible browser.