Fonto Editor 7.15.3 (October 1, 2021)

Resolved issues

  1. We fixed a regression introduced in 7.15.0 that caused the open-attributes-editor-for-node to potentially crash the editor in certain cases. This unfortunately re-introduces an issue where the labels of elements in the attributes editor's element selector do not always update correctly.

  2. Fixed an error where the editor would crash when searching for any word from a sheet frame configured as removed.

  3. The outputClass and clickOperation options for configureAsStructureViewItem now work correctly for both loaded and unloaded documents.

  4. Resolved a rare issue where, in configurations where both a low priority generic selector and a high priority specific selector assign similar configuration, a different configuration rule with a priority in-between these could mistakenly be applied instead of the correct higher-priority one.

Other improvements

  1. We've made it possible to expand tables in read-only content.

  2. We improved the readability of read-only sheet frames by only changing their background color instead of greying out all content.

  3. Our server-side Fonto products have been updated to run on ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.18, which includes security-related fixes.