Fonto Editor 7.14.1 (May 14, 2021)

Resolved issues

  1. Fixed an issue where, if the CMS would release the lock (available but not acquired) as part of a successful save response and the document has not been changed afterwards, Fonto would still re-acquire the lock.

  2. Fixed a regression in 7.14.0 that caused addReducer to compute the wrong result for traversal root nodes in some cases when called from a custom widget or object.

  3. Fixed a bug where the outline filter didn't work after a reload of a root document.

  4. Fixed a regression in 7.14.0 that could cause undo to be disabled unintentionally after certain operations. This issue was timing-sensitive, so it could occur seemingly at random.

  5. Resolved an issue where the undo and redo keybindings would not work in cases where there is no selection, such as directly after removing the sheet frame that contained the cursor.

  6. Resolved an issue where, in some cases, the redo operation could be disabled after pressing the undo keybinding in a situation where a UI component other than the editor has focus.

  7. Fixed a bug that caused pasting of attributes from HTML to not work for attributes in namespaces. This included the new Hyperlink pasting feature introduced in 7.14.

  8. Fixed a bug where some of the table border operations were never enabled.

Other improvements

  1. Our server-side Fonto products have been updated to run on ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.15, which includes security-related fixes.