Fonto Content Quality 7.8.0

New functionality

  • The HttpApiAnnotator can now be configured with an experimental flag that appends to documentId to the endpoint as a query string parameter.

  • Allow Fonto Content Quality to be disabled on bootstrap for a specific session using `configurationManager.set('enable-content-quality', false);`. Disabling Fonto Content Quality will hide the sidebar and makes sure the app cannot be re-enabled during that session.

  • The response of the health endpoint has been amended with product and version information. For details, please refer to the monitoring section.

  • Self-contained builds for Windows can now run as Windows Service by specifying the --as-windows-service command line argument.

  • NLog configuration files are now supported. See configure the backend for more details.

Configuration API changes

  • The Hosting__Port property in the backend configuration has been discontinued. From now on use ASPNETCORE_URLS to set the protocol, host and port to listen on. This means that port 6000 is no longer the default hosting port when running without FDT. FDT still defaults to port 6000 for Fonto Content Quality.

Resolved issues

Security patches

  • N/A

Other improvements

  • Fonto Content Quality backend will now log its name and version during startup.

  • We introduced a new operation called `content-quality-show-annotation-details` that can be used to open up the details of a given annotation id.