Fonto Content Quality 7.16.0

New functionality

  1. The RemoveIntersectingAnnotations filter is not experimental anymore. See the upgrade instructions on how to make use of the new public API.

  2. The Content Quality navigator now has a new 'skip uneditable documents' filter, which, when turned off, allows scanning for quality issues in content that is not editable.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed a bug where Content Quality sometimes stopped scanning for the next annotation when moving nodes in the hierarchy during the scan.

Other improvements

  1. The LanguageTool features offered via the fontoxml-content-quality-languagetool add-on are now offered by the fontoxml-content-quality add-on. See the upgrade instructions on how to remove the add-on from your editor instance.

  2. Fonto Content Quality has been updated to run on ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.18, which includes security-related fixes.

  3. We’ve made some performance improvements in the way Fonto Content Quality applies highlights.