Fonto Connectors 1.1.0

We have released a new version of Fonto Connectors! This release brings some new functionality to the table and squashes minor bugs. We also refactored some internal code for easier development of new features in the future. The highlights for this release:

  • You can now specify a returnUrl in the Launch APIs to let users return to the CMS when they click 'Save & Close' or 'Logout'.

  • Fixed a bug where files which contain images with an external href could not load.

  • Improved the stability of the fontoxml-development-tools Connectors module.

  • Fixed a bug that caused errors on browsing folders which contain files without an extension.

  • Fixed a bug for the Microsoft OneDrive Connector which threw an error on browsing to folders that contain shared folders/files.

Upgrade instructions

To update Fonto Connectors, you first need to update the fdtConnectors tooling module to version 1.1.0. Please do so by executing the following command:

npm update -g @fontoxml/fontoxml-development-tools-module-connectors

After you have updated the tooling on your machine, you are able to run the upgrade command:

fdt connectors upgrade --version 1.1.0

Please also update the fontoxml-connectors-integration dependency in your editor build.

Known issues

  • Microsoft OneDrive Connector: Trying to create a file in a shared folder fails and causes you to be logged out of the application without redirecting you to the login page. Please refresh your page to get back to the login page.