This section contains frequently asked questions about the capabilities and use of Fonto Editor.

What schemas are supported by Fonto Editor?

Does Fonto Editor support DTD / RNG?

How does Fonto Editor handle large documents?

What browsers are supported by Fonto Editor?

On which devices can I use Fonto Editor?

How does document size influence Fonto Editor?

How do I get an instance of Fonto Editor?

Can I get an editor instance with a schema supplied by Fonto?

After creating an editor instance will I be able to see my content?

How do I configure my elements to show in the content?

How do I integrate Fonto Editor into my CMS?

Does Fonto Editor support Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Fonto Editor doesn't place the cursor in the content upon first opening; why is that happening?

Is Fonto Editor a WYSIWYG editor?

Can I create custom UI?

Fonto Editor says my XML file is invalid but online validators tell me the file is valid. What could be wrong?

How can I debug operations?

Am I restricted to using just the provided APIs?

Which open-source components are used?