Type: Object

Object describing a sidebar tab to be added to the right hand side of the editor. New sidebar tabs can be added using registerEditorSidebarTab, existing sidebars can be modified using editEditorSidebarTab.



React component to be shown in the tab


Type: String

The name of the icon displayed in the component.

This should be one of the Font Awesome icons. Do not include the fa- prefix, just use the icon names as-is from the documentation.


Type: String

Unique identifier for the tab, used to refer to it in operations


Type: String

Text to show on the tab's button


Type: Number | String | Object

The amount of padding rendered by the component.

This should be a either, A single size value, one of the following values:

  • 0 (zero, no padding at all)

  • 's' (small)

  • 'm' (medium)

  • 'l' (large)

to set the paddingSize for the top, right, bottom and left side to a single shared value.

Or you can pass an object whose properties determine a specific padding size for either:

  • 'horizontal': %single size value%

to set the 'left' and 'right' padding to the given size value (one of the values listed above)

  • 'vertical': %single size value%

to set the 'top' and 'bottom' padding

Or you can pass any combination of 'bottom', 'horizontal', 'left', 'right', 'top', 'vertical', where the more specific keys override the generic (eg. setting 'left': 's' and 'horizontal': 'm' would result in a padding size of 's' for the left side and a size of 'm' for the right side.


Type: Number

Priority for the tab, controlling its position


Type: String

Can be set to m (default) or l to make the sidebar extra wide while the tab is opened


Type: String

Text shown in the tooltip for the tab's button