Type: React component

How to get DocumentHistoryShowChangesButton?


import DocumentHistoryShowChangesButton from 'fontoxml-document-history/src/DocumentHistoryShowChangesButton.jsx'

Button which transitions the user to the Document History route when clicked.

If the document is saving or the save has errored, the button is rendered in a disabled state. This ensures a document save has happened before the user can request a changelog on the Document History route. Additionally the saving state is further clarified in the representation of the button and the tooltip shown on hover.


  1. isDisabled


    Type: Boolean

    Set to true to render this component in a disabled state.

    Setting it to false does not (re)enable it if the associated operation(s) are not enabled. This prevents users from executing operations that would cause errors or even break the document.

    Default value

  2. label


    Type: String

    The label of the button. This overrides the label provided by the "go-to-history-for-focused-document" operation.

    Default value