Type: Function

How to get createHierarchicalBulletingWidget?


import createHierarchicalBulletingWidget from 'fontoxml-families/src/createHierarchicalBulletingWidget.js'

This widget is used to display a different bullet for every new level of some structure. This can, for example, be used to automatically style nested list-like structures.

If there are more ancestors then bullet styles, the bullet style at ancestor_count mod bullet_count will be used.


  1. bullets


    Type: Array<String>

    Array of bullets to use for each level in the hierarchy. A bullet can be any string, any unicode character (expressed with \u), or 'empty' for a zero-width space (\u200B).

  2. itemSelector


    Type: XPathTest

    An XPathTest which should resolve to true for every ancestor that should be considered as level.


Type: Widget