How to create a good user experience

In some cases, products have all the pieces there but nonetheless failed to assemble them into something useful. This is due to poor design that didn’t take user experience into consideration. These bullet points will help you configure Fonto Content Quality with the best possible experience for your end-users.


  • Use clear and concise titles that are easy to recognize.

  • Use clear and relevant umbrella titles for categories. E.g. "References" instead of "hyperlinks & cross references".

  • Use action verbs to label button(s) in the navigator so that they know what the button will do. Avoid generic button labels that cause uncertainty.


  • Use icons that are relevant to the subject. Read more on FontAwesome icons on our concept page.

  • Avoid icons that are used for a different purpose elsewhere in Fonto.

  • Use icons that are clearly distinct to make it easy to distinguish between them.


  • Use colors that stand apart as much as possible to make it easier to scan between different issues and suggestions.

  • Use high-contrast colors so that the information provided is accessible to everyone (WCAG 2.0 provides specific guidelines to ensure that the color contrast between foreground and background is appropriate). See the

    ContentQualityAnnotationColor documentation for available colors.


  • When possible, always configure replacement suggestions to allow your users to quickly process annotations. Limit the number of operations and/or replacement suggestions on each annotation to a maximum of eight.

  • Use clear descriptions for your annotations, so that the user understands what needs to be done to resolve the annotation.

Contextual menu

  • For annotations that have replacement suggestions, always display these suggestions in the context menu as well. Limit these to a maximum of six of the most relevant replacement suggestions.

  • Use clear descriptions. For annotations that do not have any predefined replacement suggestions, also configure a concise description in its context menu to allow for quick processing.