Type: Object

Defines a group of menu items in a visual section in the contextual menu, indicated by the given heading at the top and a border at the bottom.

The contents property can contain a list of 3 different types (of objects).

executes the specified operation.

drop with menu items specified by the given contents.

  • This object, which creates a group of menu items in a visual section in the contextual menu.

The hideIn property describes in which views the operation is not applicable. This is optional and defaults to hiding nowhere. Possible values are 'context-menu', 'element-menu', 'breadcrumbs-menu' and 'structure-view'.

  • context-menu: The right click mouse menu, opens when the user right clicks on an element with

contextual operations.

The element-menu is also by default on the table cell, but will only show up when there are contextual operations for the element-menu available on the cell element.

  • breadcrumbs-menu: When the cursor is placed in an element with contextual operations,

then you will find this element in the breadcrumbs together with breadcrumbs menu.

  • structure-view: You can find this menu in the outline sidebar for elements that are

configured as configureAsStructureViewItem.


The items in the group/section.


Type: Array<String>

Where the operations should be hidden from view in a certain context; Possible values are 'context-menu', 'element-menu', 'breadcrumbs-menu' or 'structure-view'.


Type: String

The text of the menu group heading.


Type: String

Use an icon in this component. This should be one of the Font Awesome icons. Do not include the fa- prefix, just use the icon names as-is from the documentation.