Type: Object

Defines the 'contextual operations' of nodes matching a given selector. These are shown in places like the structure view, the elements menu button in the content view, the breadcrumbs bar or the context menu.

The hideIn property describes in which views the operation is not applicable. This is optional and defaults to hiding nowhere. Possible values are 'context-menu', 'element-menu', 'breadcrumbs-menu' and 'structure-view'.

  • context-menu: The right click mouse menu, opens when the user right clicks on an element with

contextual operations.

The element-menu is also by default on the table cell, but will only show up when there are contextual operations for the element-menu available on the cell element.

  • breadcrumbs-menu: When the cursor is placed in an element with contextual operations,

then you will find this element in the breadcrumbs together with breadcrumbs menu.

  • structure-view: You can find this menu in the outline sidebar for elements that are

configured as configureAsStructureViewItem.



Type: Array<String>

Where the operations should be hidden from view in a certain context; Possible values are 'context-menu', 'element-menu', 'breadcrumbs-menu' or 'structure-view'.


Type: String

Use an icon in this component. This should be one of the Font Awesome icons. Do not include the fa- prefix, just use the icon names as-is from the documentation.


Type: String

The label of the menu item. This overrides the label provided by the operation (operation.label).




Type: String

The content of the tooltip that is displayed when hovering over the whole component.