Type: Function

How to get configureAsObjectInFrame?


import configureAsObjectInFrame from 'fontoxml-families/src/configureAsObjectInFrame.js'

Use this family when an object can contain other elements which should be rendered.

The meaning that this family indicates is visualized through a border and optionally a background color to delimit the content to which the semantics apply.

Elements belonging to this family cannot be split in two by pressing Enter, and two adjacent elements will not be merged into one. Either would defeat the purpose of semantics.

Use this family for objects which can contain other elements which should be rendered. For example an desc element, which contains a description of the object.

Use the createInnerJsonMl callback to render the object to HTML.

A clickOperation may be used to execute something on click, like so the doubleClickOperation may be used to execute an operation on double-click.

The following visualization options are visualized by this family:

  • backgroundColor

  • showWhen

The following widget areas are available:

  • blockHeaderLeft

  • blockHeaderRight

  • blockBefore

  • blockAfter

  • blockFooter

  • blockOutsideBefore

  • blockOutsideAfter

This family has a number of additional options which affect how it behaves:

  • defaultTextContainer

  • createInnerJsonMl

  • clickOperation


  1. sxModule


    Type: SxModule

  2. selector


    Type: XPathTest

  3. markupLabel


    Type: String

  4. options