Type: Function

How to get configureAsInlineLink?


import configureAsInlineLink from 'fontoxml-families/src/configureAsInlineLink.js'

Configures a link to a resource.

Links are displayed in blue, underlined text. A popover can be configured for an inline link using CvkOptions to display more information about the link when clicking it, and to provide means to edit it and navigate to its target.

Being a variation of inline frame, inline links can’t be split in two and adjacent ones will not merge. Inline links can be deleted by pressing backspace or delete twice: the first keypress selects the link to help the author understand what will happen.

Use this family for e.g. links internal to a document, to other documents, and to web addresses.

The links may be represented by a permanent id or a non-permanent id. By setting the option isPermanentId to true, the result of the referenceQuery option is interpreted as a permanent id, which will be resolved.

The following visualization options are visualized by this family:

  • baseline

  • fontStack

  • isMonospaced

The following widget areas are available:

  • inlineBefore

  • inlineAfter

This family has a number of additional options which affect how it behaves:

  • defaultTextContainer

  • isPermanentId

  • referenceQuery



// Configure a DITA web reference, using a popover provided by the web
// references add-on and an edit operation provided by the DITA add-on.
configureAsInlineLink(sxModule, 'self::xref[@format="html"]', 'hyperlink', {
	emptyElementPlaceholderText: 'type the link text',
	isPermanentId: false, // Set to 'true' to enable reference resolving.
	popoverComponentName: 'WebReferencePopover',
	popoverData: {
		editOperationName: 'dita-web-reference-edit',
		targetIsPermanentId: false, // Set to 'true' to enable reference resolving.
		targetQuery: '@href'
	referenceQuery: '@href'


  1. sxModule


    Type: SxModule

  2. selector


    Type: XPathTest

  3. markupLabel


    Type: String

  4. options


    Type: CvkOptions | String | NULL

    The options. With two additional variables.